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Choose GHC-SCW for Your Business

At Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin, we value your business. We work hard to build a relationship with you and your staff so we can continue to provide affordable health coverage, competitive pricing, personalized service and more covered benefits year after year. It's the reason our groups stay with us 2.5 times longer than the industry average.

When we talk to our customers, here are the five things they like best about us:

  1. Affiliation with UW. Our partnership with UW Hospital and Clinics means they get to utilize the best of the best – specialists and the hospital at the University of Wisconsin.
  2. Complementary Medicine. Traditional and non-traditional medicine working together means wellness benefits like acupuncture, massage and yoga are built right in to their plan.
  3. Convenience. Not every illness needs a doctor visit, so they love being able to call our 24/7 nurse line, GHC NurseConnect, and visit our 24/7 online clinic, virtuwell, where they can get a diagnosis and treatment plan within 30 minutes.
  4. Access. If they do need to see a doctor, they can get a same-day appointment, in their own clinic, with their own providers.
  5. Local and non-profit. If they need to talk to our CEO, they can talk to our CEO. He lives here and cares about our community the same way they do. And since we're a cooperative, they're owners, so technically, they're our CEO's boss.

If you decide you are ready to choose GHC, we make it as easy as possible.

Making Quality Care Convenient…

  • We have a Care Management Transition Team who facilitates the transition to GHC-SCW for you and your employees.
  • If you have two or more enrolled employees, you can offer your staff up to four different GHC-SCW benefit plans.
  • GHC-SCW can be offered through dual-choice with your current carrier. All you need is two active employees to enroll.
  • GHC-SCW is the only local plan on the government exchange at, which means you will be eligible to collect potential tax credits from the government.

GHC-SCW is the area's first and only member-owned, non-profit cooperative. So if everything else is equal, don't choose to just be a member of a health plan. Choose to be an owner and have a voice.

Do you have a question or need further assistance?

Please contact the GHC-SCW Sales Team at (608) 251-3356. ​