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GHC-SCW cares deeply for our community.

Our community efforts focus on ways we can make a lasting impact. As an organization, we strive toward a healthier and more equitable community for all. We work with community partners to find ways to provide real  and compassionate care. 

For lasting impact, we must bring our work outside the walls of our clinics. Into homes, schools, community centers, workplaces and neighborhoods. Everyone should be able to access high-quality health care. 

We focus on four areas to make the biggest difference in our community. We work with community partners to identify areas of need and develop specific programs to address them.

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Partnerships and Community Giving

At GHC-SCW, we firmly believe in supporting and strengthening our community. Our Community Giving and Partnership initiatives are a reflection of our commitment to our BETTER TOGETHERSM promise to our members. We work closely with local organizations to create positive change, demonstrating our unwavering dedication to community involvement and support.

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Call To Action

Check Out Our 2023 Community Giving Report

Our Community Giving Report details how we have allocated funds to address pressing health care needs and support local organizations. Click the button below to view the full report and see how together, we are making a meaningful impact.

2023 Community Giving Report

Embracing Our Purpose

GHC-SCW cares deeply for our community. We work together with community partners to find ways to provide real and compassionate care. This means pushing beyond the walls of our clinics and into homes, schools, community centers, worksites, neighborhoods and places far and between. At GHC-SCW, we focus on these four areas to make the biggest difference in our community:

We help create, support and strengthen a path to health care for the most vulnerable in our community.

BadgerCare Plus

One of the most pressing issues in our community is the role that poverty plays on the health and well-being of individuals and families. With the help of the state of Wisconsin’s Medicaid program, BadgerCare Plus, eligible families can get the medical care they need.

  • In 2022, we proudly served 9,328 BadgerCare Plus members.
  • In addition, we provided $11,318,271 in care to our BadgerCare Plus members in 2022.


Bridges To Access

Improved access to medical care can bridge a gap between homelessness and stable housing. We developed the Bridges to Access program to help. For up to three months, Bridges to Access provides immediate medical care to those in need. And program participants receive help applying for permanent medical coverage through BadgerCare Plus.

  • In 2022, we helped five adults and seven children receive real and compassionate medical care. That amounted to $10,694 in crucial health care services and medications.
  • Throughout the year, we also provided medicine and supplies to area shelters.


Eye Care Services

Without good vision, many are not able to reach their full potential. Our Primary Care Providers partner with school nurses to refer patients that are uninsured to our Eye Care Center for exams and glasses.

  • In 2022, we provided $443 in eye care services to uninsured individuals living in our community.


Healthcare Access Program

Too many people in our community face the daily challenge of being uninsured. Nearly two decades ago, we helped Dane County Health Council, a network of health care organizations in the Madison area, create the Healthcare Access Program. It gives uninsured individuals a place to call their medical home and access to a compassionate medical provider – all at no cost.

  • In 2022, GHC-SCW delivered over $28,735 in health care, including medications, through this program.


Primary Access For Kids

Children need health care to help them learn, grow and reach their full potential. To help address this problem, the Dane County Health Council created the Primary Access for Kids program. For over a decade, GHC-SCW has been providing free checkups, immunizations and medications, as well as vision checks and glasses for uninsured students in the Madison Metropolitan School District.

  • In 2022, GHC-SCW provided over 200 children with $80,959 in primary care services and medications through this program.


Refugee Assistance Program

Navigating new languages and cultures as a refugee is hard enough, let alone trying to navigate a new healthcare system. To help ease the burden, GHC-SCW created the Refugee Assistance Program. Through the program, our neighbors receive hours of one-on-one assistance from GHC-SCW staff whose help connects them to needed care. We served as their advocates.

  • Working with our partner Jewish Social Services, we continued to help our 100 refugees from Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Iraq establish roots here in our community.


Stay Healthy

Without proper insurance coverage, folks can’t get the most basic health services. They are more susceptible to astronomical bills when health emergencies arise. So, in 2009, GHC-SCW created the Stay Healthy program to lift up members who have fallen on hard times and lost their health insurance coverage. The Stay Healthy Program covers, at no cost, one physical exam, lab work, follow-up appointments and medications.

  • GHC-SCW provided primary care for thirteen uninsured individuals in our community, amounting to $22,319 in medical services and medications.

We increase quality of life by sharing critical health knowledge with people  living in our community.


As an avid promoter of health knowledge, we adopt local schools in need of health resources. We donate medical supplies, clothing and healthy snacks for nursing offices, give holiday gifts, stock food banks, participate in community events and more.

  • We donated $6,082 to help support our six Adopt-A-School partners in 2022.


Latino Health Council

For over a decade, we have helped promote the health and well-being of our Latino neighbors by serving on the Latino Health Council.

  • Along with our participation, we were involved in efforts throughout 2022 to spread health knowledge, especially about the COVID-19 pandemic.


Reach Out And Read

Fewer things are more important to a child’s cognitive, emotional and social health than the simple act of reading. GHC-SCW is a proud supporter of the Reach Out and Read Program, championed by local pediatrician, Dr. Dipesh Navsaria. Through this program, GHC-SCW distributes a total of 11 books per member, starting at two months and going to five years of age.

  • In 2022, we proudly paid for 3,257 age- and culturally-appropriate books through the Reach Out and Read Program. The value of these books was $8,957.

Our employees embrace volunteerism in our community to put our expertise, skills, talent and time to use where it’s  needed most.

Cooperative Community Fundraisers

Our employees organized and supported a variety of fundraisers for local charities and health initiatives.

Charitable Giving Campaign

Employees have a choice to donate to local organizations via payroll deductions. All proceeds raised in 2022 went to one of three programs of the employee’s choice: United Way of Dane County, Community Shares of Wisconsin or the Dr. Russell Hess Memorial Endowment Fund for School Nurse Emergency Medical Needs.

  • In total, $9,305 was donated to the three programs on behalf of employees. Another $45,000 was donated on behalf of the Cooperative to the three programs.


Holiday Gift Giving

Families with limited financial means can have a tough time getting through the holidays. GHC-SCW developed the Holiday Gift Giving Program to help.

  • Through our Adopt-A-School Program and with the help of school social workers, we selected 50 families to give gifts to.
  • We bought gifts on their wish lists, gas gift cards and fun activities, like board games. We helped them keep warm with new socks, slippers and cozy blankets. And we also provided them with nutritious snacks in time for the holidays.
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We provide aid to organizations that promote health activities and initiatives in our community.

In 2022, Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin contributed $559,783 in total community contributions.
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Community Health Manager