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Substance Use Disorders in Primary Care

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We believe in treating each individual with the respect, dignity and personalized care they deserve.

At GHC-SCW, we understand the challenges individuals with substance use disorders face. We also recognize the importance of accessible, comprehensive primary care in managing these conditions. Our Primary Care Providers (PCPs) offer compassionate, whole-person care tailored to your unique needs. Whether you are dealing with current or past substance use disorders, we can provide the support and help you need.

Expert Care for Opioid and Alcohol Use Disorders

Our PCPs manage medications for opioid and alcohol use disorders to support your recovery journey. For those struggling with opioid use disorder, we offer a range of medication options to aid in your treatment. While we focus on evidence-based medications, it’s important to note that methadone is not available at our facilities. We offer personal medication treatments for alcohol use disorder as part of a comprehensive care plan.

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Your Path to Accessing Care for Substance Use Disorders

Starting your journey to recovery is just a phone call away. Our nursing staff will assist in scheduling your first appointment when you contact our clinic. Whether you are new to treatment or transitioning your care to our clinic, our PCPs are here to support you. We welcome those who have been on medications for opioid or alcohol use disorder seeking to continue their treatment with us.

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Beyond Medication Management

It’s important to recognize that recovery from substance use disorders often requires a multi-faceted approach. While our clinics provide medication management and primary care services, formal substance use disorder assessments and referrals to specialized treatments like residential rehab, intensive outpatient programs or individual counseling are conducted through external clinics within our network. You can learn more about these by visiting our Behavioral Health page.

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