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Annual Meeting

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Annual Meeting
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Now Accepting Applications for the 2024 Board of Directors and 2025 Nominations Committee

What makes GHC-SCW unique compared to others? We put the power of leadership into our member-owners’ hands. You can be part of our Board of Directors and help carry out our Cooperative’s mission and values. Or, you could serve on the Nominations Committee, ensuring the right candidates are selected for nomination to the Board of Directors.

We’re excited to announce that we are currently accepting applications for the 2024 Board of Directors and 2025 Nominations Committee through March 19, 2024.

Learn more about these exciting opportunities!

Serve on the Board of Directors

If you are selected as a Board Director for our Cooperative, you will champion the needs and aspirations of our members. Tasked with guiding the Cooperative’s direction and managing its affairs, you will strategize for the long-term objectives and seek new avenues to serve our member-owners. Your leadership will be pivotal in ethical decision-making, accountability for the Cooperative’s activities and upholding legal responsibilities, ensuring that we remain true to our distinctive mission.


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Shape our Leadership Through the 2025 Nominations Committee

The 2025 Nominations Committee is key to selecting board candidates for next spring, tasked with outreach, evaluation and endorsement of nominees. The committee ensures GHC-SCW’s Board reflects our diverse membership and uphold our values, playing a critical role in our governance. Committee members gain deep insights into our governance, connect with a wide network and significantly influence GHC-SCW’s future leadership. Your involvement will shape our Cooperative’s direction and impact.

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You Have A Voice

As a member of GHC-SCW, you have a say in our Cooperative. When you vote, you can help choose leaders who share your beliefs and goals. You can also go to our yearly meeting to learn about how we’re doing and what we want to achieve. By working together, we can make our Cooperative better for everyone.

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2023 Board of Directors Election Results

We are pleased to announce the results of our 2023 Board of Directors Election! Below are the candidates who have been elected:
Colleen Gullickson Courtney Hayward Andrew Turner
Colleen Gullickson

Vice Chair

Edgewood College

Courtney Hayward
Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin
Andrew Turner
University of Wisconsin Law School


We are excited to announce the results of our 2024 Nominations Committee members. The individuals below have been elected to identify the candidates who possess the expertise, knowledge and skills necessary to serve as Directors on our Board:

  • Dana Hellgren
  • Roger Howerton
  • Gigi Godwin
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