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All of your health tools in one place.

When you and your provider collaborate on your health care, you are BETTER TOGETHERSM. At GHC-SCW, we believe that collaboration starts with good, direct communication. With an online GHCMyChartSM account, you can have access to smart, secure and simple tools that all​ow you and your provider to better manage your health, together.​

  • ​​Message your provider.
  • Schedule in-person or GHCMyChart Video visit appointments online.
  • Access GHC Care OnDemand’s virtual urgent care or therapy options 24/7/365.
  • View select test results, immunization records and health summaries.
  • ​Refill medications.
  • View and pay your bill.
  • Connect to your family’s medical and insurance information with GHCFamilyChart.
  • Set up push, email and text notifications for appointment reminders, test results and more.
  • Integrate your fitness tracking with your FitBit, Withings or iPhone.
  • And much more!​​​


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GHCMyChartSM Resources & FAQ

We are committed to protecting your confidentiality. GHCMyChartSM uses bank-grade security to safeguard your medical information.
For details, visit our Privacy page or call our Privacy Officer at (608) 662-4899.

GHCMyChart offers GHC-SCW members secure online access to their health records. You'll use a computer or smartphone (online or through our app) to log in and see your records. The information you'll be able to see comes from GHC-SCW medical and insurance records. You can sign up to see your children's records through GHCFamilyChart Proxy access. Click here to learn more about MyChartSM.
You need to be a GHC-SCW member over the age of 18 to sign up. If your children are members of GHC-SCW but you aren't, you can use GHCFamilyChart Proxy access to see their chart.
To get started, you will need an activation code. You can request the code on this page:
No, your access code is not your GHCMyChartSM ID or password. You will use this code only once to log into GHCMyChartSM for the first time. (The code will expire after you have used it or after 30 days). When you log into GHCMyChartSM the first time, you will create your own unique GHCMyChartSM ID and password. Your six digit member number is your username.
Yes, you can message your Primary Care Provider through GHCMyChartSM. Once you log in to GHCMyChartSM, click the Message Center in the left menu bar to send and view messages. GHC-SCW providers will try to respond to your message within three business days.
You do not have to have a GHCMyChartSM account. Accounts are only created by your request.
For children younger than 18, you can access their records through GHCFamilyChart. We have two levels of GHCFamilyChart access:
  • GHCFamilyChart (under age 12)
  • GHCFamilyChart (age 12-17)
Minors cannot have their own GHCFamilyChart accounts.
Parents and legal guardians can:
  • Send messages to your child’s providers
  • Schedule appointments
  • View upcoming and past appointments
  • Pay bills
  • Refill medications
  • View immunization records and test results
When your child turns 12, your access changes. At GHC-SCW, we recognize recognize the importance of adolescent confidentiality. Your child will have a confidential space to seek medical information and evidence-based health care advice. Through GHCFamilyChart, you can still:  
  • Send messages to your child’s care team
  • View immunizations
  • Pay bills
  • Refill most medications
  • Review most test results
You have the right, as a parent or legal guardian of a minor between the ages of 12 and 17, to access most of your child’s health information. But not all that information is available using GHCFamilyChart. For more information, please contact our Privacy Officer at or 608.662.4899.
Both biological parents and any legal guardians may request and receive GHCFamilyChart accounts. In some cases, GHC-SCW may need legal documents as proof of relationship. If you're a step-parent, foster parent, adult child or power of attorney, you might be eligible for an alternative. Contact the GHC-SCW Health Information Department at (608) 441-3500, option 1 to discuss.
When your child turns 18, your GHCFamilyChart account will automatically deactivated.
To log into GHCMyChartSM, you need:
  • An operating system with Windows 98 or higher
  • An internet connection
  • An internet service provider (ISP)
  • A personal email address
Yes, your primary care network may affect what services you can access in your account. Members in the GHC-SCW clinics network have all available options. Other network clinics might have different options available to their patients. For example, online appointment scheduling might only be available for GHC-SCW primary care clinics.
GHC-SCW protects the confidentiality of medical information. Firewalls, passwords, encryption and audit trails are used to safeguard member information. The GHCMyChartSM site is a registered site through Verisign®, a standard in securing information on the internet.
You can update your address, email and phone number in your account. From your login page, go to Administration on the bottom left menu. Then you can make updates to your information.
*MyChart is a registered trademark of Epic Systems Corporation. GHCMyChartSM is a registered service mark of Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin (GHC-SCW).