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Small Group Health Plans

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Small Group Health Plans
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Explore health plan solutions for small businesses

GHC-SCW has options for small businesses with 50 and under employees, like yours. Our health insurance plans can help you balance managing costs with robust solutions and offer exclusive member-owner rewards that will attract top talent. We’ll customize the solution that’s perfect for your needs.

  • Transition of Care: We have a Care Management team who facilitates the transition to GHC-SCW for your employees and their families.
  • Plan Options: If you have two or more enrolled employees, you can offer your staff up to four GHC-SCW benefit plans.
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Network Options

Our different network options allow you to choose from hundreds of health care providers, in the locations and cost ranges that work best for you and your employees.

We understand how important it is to choose a provider that meets your needs. You might care most about their location, or maybe they need to speak a specific language or understand your culture to make you more comfortable. From our HMO network (the largest primary care network in Dane County) to our national PPO network, we have options that will fit the needs of your employees near and far.

Network Options
$0 Copay Plans

Primary Care Preferred Plans

Members pay $0 for most GHC-SCW preventive care services with our Primary Care Preferred plan options. This includes primary care office visits, urgent care visits, chiropractic office visits, preventive benefits, mental health outpatient services and more. Get your employees on the road to better health with this innovative health plan.

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