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Understanding Member Coverage

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Understanding Member Coverage
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Important Note
This information is not applicable to members covered under the State of Wisconsin health insurance program or the BadgerCare Plus program. State of Wisconsin members should contact Navitus Solutions and BadgerCare Plus members should call the State Medicaid Program.


GHC-SCW offers a variety of pharmacy benefits to employers wishing to purchase benefits for their employees. These benefits typically place medications into different co-pay tiers, corresponding to different co-pay levels.

You can determine the co-pay tier for your patient’s medications by reviewing GHC-SCW formularies. The formulary lists medications by drug class according to the copay tier they are covered under.

If you are not able to obtain the necessary co-pay information for your patient with the above tools please feel free to call the GHC-SCW Pharmacy Administration at (608) 828-4811.

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Plan Coverage

MyPlanFinder that helps gather all the details of your plan. Access all the documents you need to better understand what is included in your benefits. Find your current plan number on your membership card. Your Summary of Benefits Coverage and Coverage summarizes features of your insurance plan.

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Using MyPlanFinder

  • Click the button below to go to MyPlanFinder.
  • Type in your plan number.
  • View your Benefits Summary and detailed Summary of Benefits and Coverage.
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