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Primary Care at GHC-SCW

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Primary Care
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Primary care is our specialty.

World-class primary care, right in your backyard.

Your primary care provider is your window to the health world – helping you navigate through tests and labs and specialty and hospital care to help you get better and stay better.  It’s a big responsibility, and GHC-SCW has taken it seriously for nearly five decades.

The key to your best possible health is finding a partner in your Primary Care Provider (PCP). By understanding you, your needs and your medical history, they’re able to not only help you manage your care in their clinic but also help you navigate.

Your provider is the first person you should see for all your health issues. For common health conditions, routine checkups and screenings. They’ll also help you manage your chronic conditions. When you need care from a specialist, they can refer you to providers in your network and help you get authorization to be seen. Each GHC-SCW primary care clinic is a doorway to the best care in Dane County.

Choosing GHC-SCW for Primary Care

There are many reasons to choose GHC-SCW for your primary care. One of the most important is the way we focus on high-quality, complete care. We build a care team of health professionals around you. Your team is unique based on your health needs. Beyond your Primary Care Provider, it could include pharmacists, behavioral health providers and physical therapists. They work together to provide you care designed to meet your unique needs.

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Switching to GHC-SCW is Easy!

You can switch to a GHC-SCW Primary Care Provider at any time through your GHCMyChart account or by calling Member Services at (608) 828-4853.

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Primary Care Frequently Asked Questions

You can choose your primary care provider on your enrollment materials. Use our Provider Search tool to help you decide what in-network provider you want to choose.

Maybe you have a PCP that you don’t really click with or need someone at a different clinic closer to you. You can switch your GHC-SCW PCP at any time, for any reason. Call Member Services at (608) 828-4853 or log into your GHCMyChartSM account.

When you’re sick and a waiting room is the last place you want to be, you have many virtual care options. 

  • You can schedule a GHCMyChart Video Visit with GHC-SCW primary care teams.
  • Call GHC NurseConnect to talk to a registered nurse any time – day or night. Our GHC NurseConnect team can guide you through your next steps or calm your health concerns.
  • Log in to your GHCMyChart account to access our 24/7/365 GHC Care OnDemand options, including our virtual urgent care, powered by KeyCare or virtual therapy visits, powered by MDLive.

Visit our Virtual Care page to learn more.

GHC-SCW care teams include a mix of physicians (MD/DOs) and masters- and doctoral-trained Advance Practice Providers (like Nurse Practitioners/Physician Assistants).

There are a few types of providers that you can choose from.

  • Family Medicine: these providers are qualified to care for your entire family from babies to older adults. You’d choose them because of their wide range of experience at every stage of life.
  • Family Medicine with Obstetrics: these providers are trained in providing care for the entire family as well as pregnancy and birth. You’d choose them as a primary care provider if you want a provider who can help you through the stages of your life, including delivering your baby. Learn more about our Family Medicine with Obstetrics care here o en Español aquí.
  • Internal Medicine: these providers are trained in diagnosing and treating issues in adults. They typically have a special interest like a particular part of the body, a particular disease or a particular age group. You’d choose an internist or internal medicine doctor especially if you have a complex chronic condition you need help with.
  • Pediatric Medicine: pediatric providers (pediatricians and pediatric-focused Advanced Practice Providers) specialize in caring for children from birth through adolescence and young adulthood. You’d choose a pediatric provider for your child for their complete focus on kids’ health and experience in making kids comfortable going to a clinic.

Seeing your PCP regularly makes it easier to stay on top of your health. You’ll see your PCP once a year for your annual physical. If you have a chronic condition that you’re managing, you might need to see them more often. You’ll decide that together with your provider. And if you get sick or hurt, you can see your PCP first.

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Real GHC-SCW Member Feedback

“I recently switched to GHC-SCW primary care. I saw my provider for a follow-up appointment yesterday, and I was incredibly impressed that she had reviewed my chart beforehand. She knew about my recent visits, and she asked questions about how I felt after those visits. I have a provider who cares about my well-being.”