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Member Engagement Program

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Member Engagement Program
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Our Mission

The Member Engagement Program at GHC-SCW focuses on connecting with our diverse group of members. We work with leaders and staff to hear what members think about our projects and services. Our goal is to make GHC-SCW better by using this feedback.

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How We Communicate and Improve

Through open conversations and team efforts we work hard to make our healthcare services better and easier to use. We include everyone, are clear about what we do and always put our members first. We want to make healthcare that fits what our members need and goes beyond what they expect.

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Our Vision

We see a future where we really listen to what patients and members say about GHC-SCW. Through surveys and focus groups, we get to hear everyone’s voice. We want our members to help guide our healthcare services. By working together, we make sure all different views and experiences help us make better decisions.

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What the Member Engagement Program Values

  • Putting Patients and Members First: We listen to and respect our members’ needs and feedback.
  • Inclusivity: We welcome and value everyone’s views.
  • Always Getting Better: We keep improving our services and ways of working.
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Call To Action

Current Focus Groups & Surveys

We invite you to participate in a brief survey that will play an important role in shaping the future of our online provider directory and network search functions. Your opinions are invaluable to us, and your responses will directly impact how we improve and evolve these tools.

This survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete and consists of a series of questions about your experiences and satisfaction with our current GHC-SCW online provider search tool. Please know that all responses will be kept confidential and will be used solely for the purpose of enhancing our services. The survey will be open until Friday, March 1.

Click Here for Survey

Member Engagement Program FAQs

The Member Engagement Program is GHC-SCW’s approach to involving patients and members in our work. It serves as a way for employees to share what they are doing inside the organization with our members and actively seek their opinions and feedback.

The Member Engagement Program aims to get our diverse members at GHC-SCW actively involved and supported. This program works with our organization’s leaders and staff to collect feedback on various projects, programs, and ways of doing things. This input helps us improve GHC-SCW.

The Member Engagement Program aims to build a place where patient and member feedback is listened to and used in GHC-SCW’s work. We want to create a network where everyone can equally share their thoughts using surveys and focus groups. This feedback will help our members guide GHC-SCW’s healthcare services. We’re working to make a welcoming, team-focused place. This way, we can make sure our community’s different views and experiences lead the way in making decisions. Our goal is to make healthcare better and more focused on the patient.

The Member Engagement Program uses focus groups to get feedback from patients and members about work topics. In a focus group, a smaller, diverse group of members share their views and ideas about a specific subject. Our goal is to deeply understand what our members think and experience about that topic. We’ll invite people to join a focus group by sending invites in our monthly email newsletter, posting on our Facebook page and putting information on this page.

Surveys may be used when topics require member feedback with more straightforward answers that do not need open conversation and detailed feedback.

The surveys are sent to members through the monthly member newsletter email, shared on our Facebook page and posted on this page.