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Pay Your Bill

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Pay Your

Medical Bill

Medical bills are charges for care you’ve received at a GHC-SCW clinic. These charges could be your copay, deductible, coinsurance or more.

Log into GHCMyChartSM to pay your medical bill.

Pay Your

Premium Bill

Your premium is your monthly bill to continue your GHC-SCW health insurance coverage.

Log into GHCMyChartSM to pay your premium. For instructions on how to to pay your bill through GHCMyChartSM and how to set up automatic payments in GHCMyChartSM, click here

Questions About Your Bill?

If you have questions about your medical bill, please contact Medical Billing at (608) 251-4138 and press 1.
If you have questions about your premium bill, please contact Premium Billing at (608) 251-4138 and press 3.​

Frequently Asked Questions
The easiest way to pay your bill is if you sign up for a GHCMyChartSM account. This will give you access to all your billing, premium and medical bills, in one convenient place.

Yes! Members can pay their premium by check by mailing their remittance stub (at the top of the premium invoice) and their check made out to:

Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin
Box 88619
Milwaukee, WI 53288-0619

If you do not attend your in-person or virtual medical appointment and do not cancel or reschedule your appointment in advance, you will be charged a no-show fee.
It is considered a no-show if you miss an appointment without notifying GHC-SCW in advance.
We want to offer timely medical care to all our members. Having members notify us to cancel or reschedule their appointments beforehand helps us manage our schedule and resources more efficiently and provide quality care to all our members.
You can avoid the fee by canceling or rescheduling your appointment before your scheduled time. You can cancel or reschedule your appointment 24/7 on GHCMyChart℠. You can also contact your clinic by calling (608) 257-9700.
We understand that emergencies and events like the following that are out of your control:
  • Dane County Weather Emergency
  • Death in the Family
  • Sought Higher Level of Care
  • No-Show Fee Assessed in Error
  • Did Not Receive Appointment Reminder in Preferred Language
  • Other (You Will Need to Provide Further Details)

If you believe you received the fee in error or were unable to make your appointment due to one of these events, you can submit a No-Show Dispute Form within sixty (60) days of the billing statement by clicking here. We will review the form and contact you within 6-8 weeks to inform you of our decision to waive the fee.

You may also fill out and mail a  printable version of the form  and mail it to:

ATTN: No-Show Fee Workgroup
1265 John Q. Hammons Drive
Madison, WI 53717-1962

You can also submit the form by email to: