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When it Comes to Your Care, You Have a Voice

At GHC-SCW, we believe members have a voice when it comes to their health care decisions. We understand certain exams can be uncomfortable or daunting, which is why our members can request a chaperone during a sensitive exam to feel more at ease. We want our members to feel safe and treated with dignity when they receive care from us. 

Important Terms to Know

Chaperone: A chaperone refers to an adult GHC-SCW staff member or staff- or patient-invited individual who remains in the room witnessing the Sensitive Exam. These are sometimes also referred to as a Medical or Clinical Chaperone. When a Chaperone is a GHC-SCW staff member, they may also assist with the performance of the examination at the provider’s request.
Sensitive Exam: A sensitive exam refers to clinical examinations or treatments that expose the breasts or chest, genitals or rectal area.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a chaperone to enhance your comfort, maintain privacy and protect the patient and the healthcare provider during sensitive examinations.

Yes, you can either accept a chaperone provided by the clinic or bring an adult of your choice, provided they are courteous and adhere to the clinic’s behavior policies.

The chaperone will be present during the specific part of the examination that requires their presence, ensuring your comfort and privacy are maintained.

A chaperone should be offered to patients or may be requested by a provider or staff member for sensitive exams within the following departments:

Yes, you have the right to refuse a chaperone. However, your healthcare provider may discuss the decision to ensure you understand the implications. Your examination may be rescheduled if a chaperone is deemed necessary by the provider or staff member.

We will make the best effort to accommodate requests for a chaperone of a specific gender. Still, it may depend on staff availability, and your appointment may need to be rescheduled to ensure you have a chaperone of your preferred gender.

Chaperones are typically trained staff members who understand the need for sensitivity and privacy during medical examinations. They are selected based on their training, availability and, when possible, patient preference.

The chaperone’s role is to provide support and reassurance, observe the examination to ensure it is conducted appropriately, and assist if necessary while maintaining the patient’s privacy and dignity.

No, chaperones are bound by the same confidentiality rules as medical professionals, ensuring that your examination details remain private.

If a chaperone that meets your preferences is unavailable, we will provide the option to reschedule your appointment.

For radiographic examinations, including mammograms, a chaperone is not required and cannot be provided as requested. This is due to radiation risk as the chaperone cannot be appropriately shielded during these types of exams.

For non-obstetric pelvic or scrotal ultrasonography appointments, patients will need to provide their own chaperone.

We want all our members to feel safe and comfortable when they receive care. This policy also remains in compliance with Wisconsin Medical Examining Board requirements.