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Medicare Select Health Insurance

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Medicare Select Health Insurance
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Let’s cover what traditional Medicare doesn’t.

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If Medicare covers about 80% of your health costs, you might be asking yourself how much that leaves you responsible for. And 80% of what is covered exactly?

A GHC-SCW Medicare Supplement plan is different from a Medicare Advantage plan. It tackles that 20% gap without network restrictions or limitations on your care. So you can be confident that your care is covered, without surprises. And GHC-SCW Medicare Supplement gives you extra benefits and the security of world-class specialty and hospital partners!

Clear answers and no pressure.

GHC-SCW is standing by to give you the best advice for your unique situation. Speak directly with our Medicare Select specialist.

Pam Hying
Individual and Medicare Sales Executive

Choose GHC-SCW for Your Medicare Supplement Plan

  1. Experience full and holistic care. Your care team is designed around you and your needs. As your health evolves, we’ll expand your health care team to meet your needs. Think pharmacists, physical therapists, even acupuncturists and naturopaths who work alongside your primary care provider to improve your health.
  2. Access world-class specialists and primary care providers. For decades, GHC-SCW has focused on improving and innovating primary care. We have been among the highest rated HMO plans in the country because of that. And with your GHC-SCW Medicare Supplement plan you can access an extensive network of world-class specialty providers at the state’s top hospital*, UW Hospital and Clinics.  
  3. Own your Medicare Supplement plan. Join a non-profit health care Cooperative and as a member-owner, participate in the direction of the organization. Use your voice and your vote to make your health plan work for you. Learn what it means to be part of a Cooperative.

*U.S. News and World Report 2023

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Reference Documents & Materials

Below are GHC-SCW plan documents specifically for Medicare Select and Medicare Select Healthy You members. If you are a Medicare Select member and have any questions regarding your GHC-SCW benefits, please call the GHC-SCW Member Services department at (608) 828-4853 or (800) 605-4327, select zero and request Member Services. You may also contact the GHC-SCW Sales department at (608) 251-3356.