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Federal Employee Members

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Federal Employee Members
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Welcome Federal Government Employee Member-Owners

Getting the most out of your health plan starts with understanding all the benefits included with your coverage. Keep reading to learn about your coverage details and how to get the most out of your health plan!

Reference Documents & Materials

Below are GHC-SCW plan documents specifically for federal government employees. If you are a federal government employee and have any questions regarding your GHC-SCW benefits, please call the GHC-SCW Member Services department at (608) 828-4853 or (800) 605-4327 , select zero and request Member Services. You may also contact the GHC-SCW Sales department at (608) 251-3356.
Learn more about contraception coverage included in FEHB by visiting the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) website.


Need help accessing accessing contraceptive coverage or other reproductive healthcare? Please email

If you are a FEHB provider or member, access the necessary documents for expedited contraceptives for the contraceptive exceptions process by visiting the Prescriber Portal on the Navitus website.

Contraceptive Coverage for Federal Employees

As a federal employee, you have exclusive access to comprehensive benefits designed to meet your diverse needs. Below is a table highlighting contraceptive coverage for your plan, affirming our commitment to your reproductive health and wellness.

To explore the full range of contraceptive options covered under your plan, including detailed eligibility information and how to access these benefits, please review the 2024 Federal Employee GHC-SCW Brochure.

We want to ensure you have the resources and support necessary to make informed decisions about your reproductive and sexual health care. Should you have any questions or require assistance, our Member Services Team is here to help. You can contact them at (608) 828-4853 or (800) 605-4327 during our regular business hours Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Benefit Description

You Pay

Preventive Care, Adult

Preventive care benefits for women such as Pap smears, gonorrhea prophylactic medication to protect newborns, annual counseling for sexually transmitted infections, contraceptive methods, and screening for interpersonal and domestic violence. For a complete list of preventive care benefits for women go to the Health and Human Services (HHS) website at

*Please review the 2024 Federal Employee GHC-SCW Brochure for coverage details.
Family Planning

  • Contraceptive counseling on an annual basis
  • A range of voluntary family planning services, limited to:
    • Surgically implanted contraceptives
    • Injectable contraceptive drugs (such as Depo Provera)
    • Intrauterine devices (IUDs)
    • Diaphragms
    • Tubal ligation

Note: We cover oral contraceptives under the prescription drug benefit.

  • Voluntary sterilization (See Surgical Procedures Section 5 (b)
*Please review the 2024 Federal Employee GHC-SCW Brochure for coverage details.
Covered Medications and Supplies

Contraceptive drugs and devices prescribed by a health care professional and obtained from a Plan pharmacy or through our mail order program.

Contraceptive drugs and devices as listed in the ACA/HRSA site. Contraceptive coverage is available at no cost to FEHB members. The contraceptive benefit includes at least one option in all methods of contraception (as well as the screening, education, counseling, and follow-up care). Any contraceptive that is not already available without cost sharing on the formulary can be accessed through the Contraceptive Exceptions Process described below.

  • To initiate an exception request, a Plan physician (or member or member’s representative) may submit via facsimile or telephone information about the member’s diagnosis, other therapies tried, and medial necessity rationale to the Plan. GHC-SCW Pharmacy Administration may be contacted via telephone at 608-828-4811 for questions about the exceptions process.

The “morning after pill” is considered preventive service under contraceptives, with no cost to the member if prescribed by a physician and purchased at a network pharmacy. The “morning after pill” should be addressed under the pharmacy benefit as an over-the counter (OTC) emergency contraceptive drug

*Please review the 2024 Federal Employee GHC-SCW Brochure for coverage details.