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GHC-SCW Pharmacies are Going Green!

April 22, 2022
GHC-SCW Pharmacies are Going Green!

Earth Day 2022 is here. In 2022 it is essential to take steps to take care of our planet more than ever. Whether by composting your leftover fruits and veggies, reusing your old recyclables, or even picking up litter you see when walking your dog.  Celebrating Earth Day benefits all of us.

             At GHC-SCW, this Earth Day, we are doing our part by going paperless in our pharmacies with a new program launching soon called Meds on Cue.

             Pharmacies are required by law to provide medication monographs or pamphlets of information. Some medications also require additional information called medication guides. One medication monograph can be 4-6 pages long. When a patient receives this after their first fill of a prescription, they’ll throw it away or recycle it. Because of this, we end up wasting a LOT of paper.

             This is where Meds on Cue comes in.

             Meds On Cue is a new pharmacy service that uses QR code technology to offer patient-friendly, prescription-specific medication education on demand. The information won’t provide just written medication information but educational videos explaining usage, benefits, and potential side effects. The program ensures patients understand how to take their medications safely and limit avoidable reactions, but it also helps GHC-SCW take steps to go green. Using Meds on Cue technology, we estimate that we will reduce our paper usage in the pharmacies by 75% annually!

             So how do you use Meds on Cue?

             Meds on Cue is user-friendly and only requires a smartphone with a camera. You can either use your camera on your smartphone to scan the QR code directly or download a QR reader from Google Play or App Store. Once you’ve scanned the QR code, a Meds on Cue link will pop up with everything you need to know about your medication! Whether it’s a question on side effects or proper usage/dosage, Meds on Cue answers all your questions about your prescription right in your hand!

             And no need to worry. If you still want the paper version of your medication monograph, paper versions will still be available by request!

             GHC-SCW is excited to be taking the first steps as a cooperative to go greener and paperless. Stay tuned for more information on Meds on Cue in the coming weeks.

Let us know what you’re doing this Earth Day to help the planet go greener!