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COMPASS is a group class for individuals that are struggling with performing daily tasks due an ongoing persistent pain. This class isn’t meant to replace individual work one may be doing with other members of their health care team, but rather be resource to help build strategies to identify areas of change or when to you best use those new tools.

Our classes meet every other week for a total of 6 sessions.
Each session is 90 minutes long with education, group activities and discussion time.
This class is designed for adults (18 years and older)

Topics covered include:

  • Connection
  • Orientation to Neuroscience
  • Modifiable Factors
  • Pain Re-framing
  • Advocating
  • Social Support

Goals of the class are to:

  • To understand how bodies perceive and deal with stress
  • To learn individual strategies to improve your ability to complete daily activities
  • To develop a “toolbox” that will assist you in managing your symptoms (WRAP plan)

Instructors: GHC-SCW PT/OT Providers

If you have any difficulty signing up for either of the classes online you may contact our PT/OT Tech’s at (608) 662-5060 and they can assist you in getting set up. This class is limited to 12 participants.

This class is meant to provide education on various topics to help manage your symptoms.  It is not intended as individual medical care or as a substitute for individual medical counseling.

GHC PT/OT classes are not covered under your insurance benefit.  By completing the registration process you acknowledge that you are responsible for the cost of the full cost of the class.