Privacy. It Matters To You, And It Matters To Us

It’s about trust. At GHC-SCW, we know that you place your trust in us. You share your aches and pains, mind and bodies, height, weight, your habits and some of the most intimate details about conditions and information you may not share with anyone else. We maintain your address and phone number, diagnoses, medication and more. We process your claims, approve referrals and listen to your concerns. The privacy of this information matters to you – and to us!

Earning Your Trust

When we promise you that GHC-SCW staff is committed to protecting the privacy and security of your health information, these are the things we’re thinking about. It’s likely that when you come to the clinic you don’t feel well, and you may be anxious or worried. GHC-SCW staff members understand how important it is to listen with patience, respect and kindness. We know that what we do matters, how we say it, how we ask and how we write it down. It is of the utmost importance that we show you through our actions and words that we care. Central to this caring is a consistent, unwavering commitment to protect the privacy and security of your health and other information.​