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Privacy Statement

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Privacy Statement
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GHC-SCW recognizes that the privacy of your personal information is important to you. The purpose of this Website Privacy Statement is to let you know how we handle the information we receive from you through this website.

It does not address specific privacy statements related to the collection, use, maintenance and disclosure of your protected health information (PHI) in the clinical environment. For example, it does not include a description of how we use the information we collect when you see your doctor to receive care. To learn more about how your PHI is collected, used, maintained and disclosed in this setting, see the GHC-SCW Notice of Privacy Practices.

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“Non-Personal Information” means information that does not permit us to specifically identify you by your full name or similar unique identifying information such as a social security number, GHC-SCW member number, address or telephone number. GHC-SCW may use various technologies, which may include “cookie” technology, to gather non-personal information from our website visitors such as which pages are used and how often they are used, and to enable certain features on this website. “Cookies” are small text files that may be placed on your computer when you visit a website. Cookies may include “single-session cookies” which generally record information during only a single visit to a website and then erased, and “persistent” cookies which are generally stored on a computer unless or until they are deleted or are set to expire. Your computer may permit you to disable cookies and similar items by adjusting your browser preferences but this may limit your ability to take advantage of all of the features on this website. We may also collect other forms of non-personal information such as what web browsers are used to read our website and what websites are referring traffic or linking to our website. Aggregate and de-identified non-personal information regarding website users is also considered non-personal information.

We may use and disclose non-personal information, unless restricted by this statement or by law. Some examples of the ways we use non-personal information include:

  • Customizing your experience on the website including managing and recording your preferences
  • Marketing, product development, and research purposes
  • Tracking resources and data accessed on the website
  • Developing reports regarding site usage, activity and statistics
  • Assisting users experiencing website problems
  • Enabling certain functions and tools on this website
  • Tracking paths of visitors to this site and within this site

“Personal Information” means information that specifically identifies you as an individual, such as your full name, telephone number, e-mail address, postal address, or certain account numbers. This website may include web pages that give you the opportunity to provide us with personal information about yourself. You do not have to provide us with this personal information if you do not want to; however that may limit your ability to use certain functions of this website or to request certain services or information.

We may use personal information for a number of purposes such as:

  • To respond to an e-mail or particular request about you
  • To personalize this website for you
  • To process an application as requested by you
  • To administer surveys and promotions
  • To provide you with information we believe may be useful to you, such as information about health products or services provided by us or other businesses
  • To perform analytics and to improve our products, websites, and advertising
  • To comply with applicable laws, regulations and legal process
  • To protect someone’s health, safety, or welfare
  • To protect our rights, the rights of our affiliates or related third parties, or take appropriate legal actions, such as to enforce our Terms and Conditions
  • To keep a record of our transactions and communications
  • As otherwise necessary or useful for us to conduct our business, so long as such use is permitted by law

We may use personal information to contact you through any contact information you provide through this website, including e-mail address, telephone number, cell phone number, text message number, or fax number. We may share information within GHC-SCW, and we may combine personal information that you provide us through this website with other information we have received from you, whether online or offline, or from other sources such as our vendors. For example, if you have purchased a product or service from us, we may combine personal information you provide through this website with information regarding your receipt of the product or service.

We will only share your personal information with third parties as outlined in the GHC-SCW Terms and Conditions or this Privacy Statement. We do not sell or rent personal information about visitors to this site or customers who use this site. We may share information is all or part of the organization is sold, merged, dissolved, acquired, or in a similar transaction. We may share personal information in response to a court order, subpoena, search warrant, law or regulation. We may cooperate with law enforcement authorities in investigating and prosecuting activities that are illegal, violate our rules, or may be harmful to other visitors. If you submit information or a posting to a chat room, bulletin board, or similar “chat” related portion of this website, the information you submit along with your screen name will be visible to all visitors, and such visitors may share with others. Therefore, be thoughtful in what you write and understand that this information may become public. We may share personal information with other companies that we hire to perform services on our behalf or collaborate with. For example, we may hire a company to help us send and manage e-mail, and we might provide the company with your e-mail address and certain other information in order for them to send you an e-mail message on our behalf. Similarly, we may hire companies to host or operate some of our websites and related computers and software applications.

GHC-SCW takes matters of fraud and abuse very seriously. Strict policies and procedures related to health care fraud and abuse and identity theft are in place to ensure that staff is vigilant in identifying warning signs and responding quickly and appropriately. Special efforts are made to verify the patient’s identify (e.g. name, address, phone number) and confirm appropriate use of GHC-SCW resources. GHC-SCW will exercise extreme caution with the storage, use and disclosure of sensitive information in all of our business practices. To report suspected or known fraud, contact the GHC-SCW Compliance Department at (608) 662-4899.

We will not intentionally collect any personal information from children under the age of 13 through this website without receiving verifiable parental consent. If you think we have collected personal information from a child under the age of 13 through this website, please contact us..

We may make changes to this Privacy Statement and such changes will appear on this page of the website. You may always visit this page to learn of any updates.

Protecting personal information is important to GHC-SCW. It is our policy to protect the privacy of social security numbers (SSNs) that we receive or collect in the course of business. We secure the privacy of SSNs through various means, including physical, electronic and administrative safeguards that are designed to protect against unauthorized access. It is the goal of GHC-SCW to limit access to SSNs to that which is lawful, and prohibit unlawful disclosures.

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