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Physical & Occupational Therapy  

​Call to schedule at:​  608-662-5060

GHC-SCW Physical Therapists (PT) and Occupational Therapists (OT) are musculoskeletal experts who are trained to evaluate and treat a variety of orthopedic injuries and determine what is needed to provide optimal healing. Our Therapists strive to treat the whole person when addressing a patient's needs and concerns. They will work with your Primary Care Provider (PCP), and your other health practitioners to ensure you are receiving the best care for your injury or condition.

You can find our Physical and Occupational Therapy providers by going to https://ghcscw.com/clinic-provider-search and choose “Physical Therapy" or “Occupational Therapy" and then click “Search."

Physical Therapists are trained to evaluate and treat directly without referral in most instances (See Below).​

What Our Physical Therapists Treat:​

  • Joint and Muscle Pain/Injury

  • Dizziness/Vertigo/Balance Issues (Need Order from PCP)

  • Pelvic pain (Possibly Need Order from PCP)

  • Incontinence and Constipation (Need Order from PCP)

  • Sports Injuries/Running Analysis​

  • ​Pinched Nerves/Disc Issues

  • Concussion (Need Order from PCP)

  • Persistent Pain

  • Jaw/TMJ Pain

  • Headaches

  • Provide Custom Foot Orthotics

  • Post-Operative Care​

  • Hypermobility Issues/P.O.T.S

What Our Occupational Therapists Treat: (all need orders from PCP)​

  • ​Joint and Muscle Pain/Injury in the Elbow, Wrist, Hand and Fingers

  • Lymphedema

  • Post Mastectomy Complications

  • Provide Compression Garments​

  • Hypermobility Issues/P.O.T.S

  • ​​Provide Adaptive Equipment for Self-Care

  • Persistent Pain

  • Post-Operative Care in Elbow, Wrist and Hand

  • Pinched Nerves in the arm/wrist/hand

Healthy Joints Program and Class​

Do you have knee or hip stiffness and pain? Have you been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in these joints?

GHC offers two non-surgical options for you to choose from to help manage your symptoms and flare-ups.


The PT/OT Department is partnering with Sports Medicine, Health Education, and Complimentary Medicine to help patients with hip and knee arthritis. Patients will start with an in-person Physical Therapy Evaluation followed by a virtual Dietitian visit. These are done on Monday mornings. 

If you are 46 or older, call 608-662-5060 to be screened and schedule an appointment.


Join Physical Therapists and a Registered Dietician for an interactive educational session (NOT an exercise class) about what you can do you manage your hip and knee arthritis pain. This session teaches the best evidence for managing and understanding your knee and hip arthritis through:

  • Understanding pain and how to manage it

  • A healthy diet

  • Exercise principles to keep you moving (NOT an exercise class)

  • Additional Services and classes are available through our Complementary Medicine Department to manage your symptoms. 

You can sign up for this class by visiting the classes page here.​

Click HERE to learn more about our Healthy Joints Program.

Urgent Care Physical Therapy at Capitol Clinic

If your injury occurred in the past two weeks, contact us at 608-662-5060 ​during normal business hours and after hours, please call Nurse connect at 608-662-7530 to determine if Urgent Care Physical Therapy is right for you. This service is only provided at our Capitol Clinic.

  • Urgent Care PT provides same day or next day services for injuries that have occurred in the past two weeks.
  • For most issues, you do not need to see your Primary Care Provider (PCP) first. When you call to schedule an appointment, you will be transferred to a nurse who will screen your symptoms to determine if Urgent Care PT/OT is right for you.
  • Therapists who work in Urgent Care PT/OT are trained to recognize injuries that are out of their scope of practice. If after completing an evaluation it is determined that you need a service that a PT or OT is unable to provide, the therapist will refer you to the appropriate medical provider.

Free Online Presentations

In partnership with DreamBank at Spark, therapists from our department have done free community educational presentations. Click on the links below to view them.

Physical Therapy Classes 

An individual appointment with a PT is required before beginning most PT classes. If you currently receive PT for a knee, ankle or back condition, an additional appointment may not be necessary. 


Here are the classes we offer:

  • Hip and Knee Healthy Joints Class: Helping members struggling with Hip and Knee Arthritis (no need to see PT before this class)

  • Monday Evening Spine Stabilization Class (Beginner): Helping members with hip and back pain.

  • Tuesday and Thursday Afternoon Spine Stabilization Class (Advanced): Helping members with hip and back pain in a more aerobic-style class.​​​

  • Stronger Together: Helping members with lower body strengthening to help them return to aerobic activity and sport after surgery or injury. ​

Please talk to your therapist or call 608-662-5060 to learn more. You can sign up for classes here.

Benefits of Therapy

Addressing your pain immediately after an injury occurs is important for preventing the development of persistent or disabling conditions. Prolonged pain can cause changes to your nervous system and your perception of pain which can make the pain feel more intense. 

Our therapists will work with you to come up with a treatment plan that works best for you and will teach you how to be as independent as possible.

PCP Orders/Referrals

PCP orders for PT are not required except for fractures, post-operative care, filed workmen's comp claims, motor vehicle accidents, soft tissue or tendon tears, neurological conditions such as balance disorders; and pelvic floor conditions.

PCP orders for OT are required for all conditions before an evaluation can take place. You may request a PCP order for PT by calling your clinic or sending a GHCMyChartSM message to your PCP.​

Physical & Occupational Therapy ​Clinic Locations​

Capitol Clinic
675 W. Washington Ave.
Madison, WI 53703
Weekday hours vary
Scheduling line (608) 662-5060
Fax: (608) 252-1419  

East Clinic
5249 East Terrace Dr.
Madison, WI 53718
Weekday hours vary
Scheduling line (608) 662-5060
Fax: (608) 441-3283

Princeton Club West PT/OT Clinic
8054 Watts Rd.
Madison, WI 53719
Mon 8 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Tues - Thurs 6:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Fri  6:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Scheduling line: (608) 662-5060
Fax: (608) 662-5061

Urgent Care PT Capitol Clinic
Weekdays 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 
Scheduling line (608) 662-5060.  ​