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How to Help Your Employees Improve Productivity With Daily Movement Breaks

May 18, 2021
How to Help Your Employees Improve Productivity With Daily Movement Breaks

During COVID-19, it can be hard to prioritize wellness. The CDC suggests that employers implement a worksite wellness program for a potential to “increase employees’ productivity, reduce absenteeism, and increase morale”.  This can be difficult to facilitate if your employees are primarily working from home due to COVID-19. GHC-SCW Physical Therapist Gina Droessler, PTA, CSCI, CPI has many suggestions that can help employees implement movement breaks while working at home.     

What are some fun ideas or suggestions to get employees moving at home?

Offer a virtual exercise class during lunch hour or during the 2pm slump when employees can begin to feel tired. Implementing movement challenges among departments where employees can track their steps and win prizes. Some prize ideas could be digital gift cards, subscription to a magazine or online fitness program, earned half-days, or unique company swag!  Finally, there are many great free workout routine playlists on YouTube that can be emailed out to employees as an option for them to complete at home. 

Why is it important for employees to move during the workday and how will this make them better suited to do their jobs?

Healthy employees are usually happier and more productive which is optimal for everyone! Regular movement during the workday promotes increased energy which can lead to more productivity and less time missed from work. 

Are there any at home items that employers could provide to help employees minimize potential back pain or other body aches?

There are some small changes that employers can provide that could make a big difference for employee wellness. Offer an at-home workstation ball mouse instead of digital to better support hand alignment. A lumbar support can be easily made by rolling a towel up and securing it with rubber bands or stuffing it in a nylon. Set the towel in the back of a desk chair to support the low back arch. Shorter employees can be provided with a small step stool to bring alignment to the knees. Employees should never sit with dangling, unsupported legs for long periods of time. 

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