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Build Lower Body Strength with GHC-SCW's Stronger Together Class

July 14, 2023
Build Lower Body Strength with GHC-SCW's Stronger Together Class

Our Physical Therapists at GHC-SCW started offering a new lower body strengthening class called Stronger Together! The goal of this class is to help members get back to the sports and activities they love after a lower body injury or surgery. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting new class!


Who is Stronger Together for? 

Stronger Together is a class for current Physical Therapy patients who are looking to improve lower body strength, endurance and movement patterns in a group-based setting. The members of the class are looking to return to sports or recreational activities that their injury has limited them in. This class is also for individuals trying to get back to jobs where more physical demands are placed on the lower body. Many individuals in the class have had recent surgeries on their knee, hip or ankle joints.  


What do I need to be able to do to participate in the class? 

You need to be a person currently being seen by a Physical Therapist at GHC-SCW. Your Physical Therapist can help to make sure you are ready for the class with the home exercise program you are currently participating in. Participants should be able to tolerate basic squat and lunge patterns and a generalized lower-body strength program with minimal pain. 


What are the goals of the class? 

We want to improve your athletic performance, endurance, strength, and coordination to promote a return to sporting and recreational activities. Class participants will get individualized feedback on movement patterns and form from GHC-SCW’s Rehab professionals. Ultimately, we hope to give more opportunities for individuals to complete exercises in a group-based setting to push themselves to try to make more strength gains overall.  


When and where is the class? 

The class runs on Monday and Wednesday afternoons for 45 minutes from 3:05 – 3:50 p.m. in the Princeton Club West Group Strengthening Room. Our instructors rotate based on the day but include Paul Jones, DPT, SCS; Jackie Spees, DPT, CSCS; and Kaitlin Stieve, PTA, NASM-CPT. Currently we are scheduling 2-week sessions and the total cost of the 4 sessions is $40. Signup information can be found here.