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Fewer things in life are more challenging than escaping your home country in search of a better life, let alone trying to navigate a new health care system. To help ease the burden, GHC-SCW created the Refugee Assistance Program in 2011. Through this program, our new neighbors receive hours of one-on-one assistance from GHC-SCW staff. The GHC-SCW staff serves as their advocates by setting up numerous appointments for care and follow-up care. GHC-SCW also partners with Lutheran Social Services and Jewish Social Services to help refugees establish roots here in our community. Lutheran Social Services and Jewish Social Services work directly with the refugee families for up to 3 years and help families with the following:

Assimilation to the U.S. culture GHC-SCW is grateful to see at least 100 refugees a year come through our program. The refugees speak many different languages including Swahili, Pashto, Dari and Arabic. We have helped refugees from a variety of countries including Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Pakistan, Iraq, China and Algeria. At GHC-SCW, we believe that healthcare is a human right. We are here to help refugees however we can, because we are Better Together.

Written By: Dr. Stephen Lo

Spring is finally here, and everyone is eager to get outside to enjoy the nicer weather.  Unfortunately, this is also the time of year when many of us start to have seasonal allergies.  Seasonal allergies often occur in the spring months when many plants and trees are blooming and releasing pollen.  However, seasonal allergies can also occur during the summer or fall months, depending on which specific plants you are allergic to.

Typical seasonal allergy symptoms include:


If you have asthma, it is important to remember that seasonal allergies can trigger an asthma attack.  It is best to keep both your seasonal allergies and your asthma under good control during allergy season. 

Talk with your medical provider if you have any questions, or if your symptoms are not improving with the above.