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Upcoming Madison Children’s Museum Flu Vaccine Clinic

We understand getting vaccinated can be a frightening experience for children. That’s why we’ve chosen the vibrant environment at the Madison’s Children’s Museum as a location for our flu vaccine clinics on Saturday, October 5 and Sunday, October 6.

After receiving their vaccine, children can engage in the museum’s playful activities free of charge. Appointments for these vaccine clinics are not available yet, but parents and caregivers are encouraged to complete the interest form below. Emails will be sent to interested individuals once schedules for these vaccine clinics open later this year. Appointments will be first come first served.

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What is the flu?

Influenza or “flu” is a contagious respiratory disease. It can lead to serious illness, hospitalization or even death.

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What are the symptoms of the flu?

The flu can come on suddenly and symptoms can be:

  • Fever or feeling feverish or chills. But not everyone with flu will have a fever.
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue (tiredness)
  • Some people may have vomiting or diarrhea. They are more common in children than adults.
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What can you do if you think you have the flu?

The most important thing you can do if you feel sick is stay home.

If you think you might have the flu, call your Primary Care Provider. They can help you figure out your best options for testing and care. GHC-SCW has virtual care options like video visits so that you don’t have to leave your house when you don’t feel well.

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Flu Vaccine Information

As a GHC-SCW member, you have several options to get your flu vaccine

Most primary care clinics, including GHC-SCW, have flu vaccine appointments available. Call your primary care clinic to get an appointment for your vaccine.

This year, GHC-SCW will be offering vaccine clinics held at our clinic locations. Please see the schedule below and make your appointment as soon as possible to secure your preferred time and location.

​Location Dates
​East Clinic

(608) 257-9700

5249 E Terrace Dr
Madison, WI 53718

September 12 – 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.

September 19 – 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.

September 26 – 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.

October 3 – 8 a.m.- 4 p.m

October 10 – 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.

October 17 – 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.

October 24 – 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.

October 31 – 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.

Capitol Clinic

(608) 257-9700

675 W Washington Ave
Madison, WI 53703

September 9 – 9 a.m.- 3 p.m.

September 13 – 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.

September 20 – 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.

September 23 – 9 a.m.- 3 p.m.

September 27 – 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.

October 4 – 8 a.m.- 4 p.m

October 11 – 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.

October 18 – 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.

October 21 – 9 a.m.- 3 p.m.

October 25 – 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.

November 4 – 9 a.m.- 3 p.m.​

​Sauk Trails Clinic

(608) 257-9700

8202 Excelsior Dr
Madison, WI 53717

September 14 – 10 a.m.- 4 p.m.

September 21 – 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.​

September 28 – 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.

October 5 – 8 a.m.- 4 p.m

October 12 – 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.

October 19 – 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.

October 26 – 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.​

Hatchery Hill Clinic

(608) 257-9700

3501 Cahill Main
Fitchburg, WI 53711

September 15 – 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.

September 22 – 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.

September 29 – 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.

October 6 – 8 a.m.- 4 p.m

October 13 – 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.

October 20 – 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.

October 27 – 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.​

All flu vaccinations are covered at Costco or Hy-Vee with no out-of-pocket costs for GHC-SCW members.

You don’t need an appointment, but they do recommend getting one so you don’t have to wait.

Flu vaccines received at other Navitus Pharmacy locations are not covered this year.

Flu vaccination costs will be covered with no out-of-pocket costs for GHC-SCW members if you get your flu vaccine at a GHC-SCW employer group scheduled vaccine clinic. These are being put on by VaxPro or Hy-Vee.

What You Need to Know About the Flu

You can get influenza (flu) viruses year-round. They are more common during the fall and winter. The timing of flu seasons vary by year. It often increases in October, peaks in December through February and can last until May.

Influenza (flu) and the common cold are both contagious respiratory illnesses. But different viruses cause them. They can share many symptoms.

The symptoms of RSV, the flu and COVID-19 are similar so it can be hard to figure out what virus you have and what kind of treatment you may need. Use the table here to understand your treatment and testing options.

The CDC recommends you get a yearly flu vaccine. This is the most important step in protecting yourself. It’s important to get your flu vaccine every year as the flu virus can change from year to year.

You should also:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Cover your mouth and nose when you cough/sneeze.
  • Disinfect surfaces that you touch often like doorknobs.
  • Stay home if you feel sick!