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What is Hypertension?

Hypertension, also known​ as high blood pressure, is when the force of the blood flowing through your blood vessels is consistently too high. When blood pressure is too high, it can damage your blood vessels, heart, and kidneys. This can ultimately lead to heart attack, stroke and other problems. It is a common condition, and can be serious if not treated. People with high blood pressure may not always feel symptoms. The only way to know is to get you blood pressure checked.

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What is Blood Pressure?

The amount of force blood pushes against the walls of your blood vessels. Blood pressure is the result of two forces:

  1. ​Systolic pressure: when the heart pumps blood out into the body
  2. Diastolic pressure: when the heart rests between beats​
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GHC-SCW Resources for Hypertension

What can you do to help manage your blood pressure?

Hypertension is a manageable condition. You can do many things to lower your risk. You should:

  1. See your provider regularly. It’s important your provider monitors your hypertension to ensure your blood pressure maintains a healthy level.
  2. Learn how to take your blood pressure. You can monitor your blood pressure at home to better understand your numbers and be able to talk about them with your provider. 
  3. Take your medication properly. Your provider may need to prescribe you medication to control your condition. They will help you understand what each medication does and their side effects.

On top of seeing your provider, you can learn more about extra  ways to lower your blood pressure naturally: 

Who else can help you manage your blood pressure?

  • ​Nursing staff – GHC-SCW nurses can meet with you one-on-one to help make sure that you understand the basics of hypertension and important signs and symptoms to watch for. Blood pressure appointments with nursing staff are available for a $0 copay for members.
  • Clinical pharmacists – Our pharmacy staff can help answer questions you have about your medications, take your blood pressure and make medication adjustments as appropriate. You can walk-in to any GHC-SCW clinic pharmacy for a blood pressure check for a $0 copay for members.
  • Dietitians – Our staff can help you better understand how the foods you eat can affect your blood pressure numbers. 

Community Resources for Hypertension

State of Wisconsin Employee Trust Fund (State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program) Chronic Condition Management Services

Services are available to State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program members who have chronic conditions regardless of whether they are considered low, moderate, or high risk. For more information click here.