GHC LGBTQ+ Primary Care Services

GHC understands and values the importance of care in an environment that is both safe and welcoming.  We are committed to providing patient-centered primary care to our LGBTQ+ members.​

At GHC, you have the right to:

  • Individualized and family-oriented care without discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity or expression. 
  • Include your partner or child in your care, regardless of legal recognition
  • Designate your preferred name, your gender identity and pronouns within your medical record ​

On this LGBTQ+ Primary Care Services site, you will find:​

  • GHC Primary Care Providers (PCPs) who have self-identified as providing culturally sensitive care.
  • GHC Primary Care Providers who regularly provide care to LGBTQ+ members and have knowledge or special training in LGBTQ+ Primary Care.
  • Recommendations on how to speak to your PCP about your sexual orientation and/or gender identity or expression.
  • Information on common health and wellness topics important to the LGBTQ+​ community

Preventative Services for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV-1​

Truvada (emtricitabine/tenofovir) is a prescription medicine that can help reduce your risk for getting HIV-1 through sex when taken every day combined with safe sex practices. PrEP is a safe and effective medication that can be use as a preventative measure for certain individuals who may engage in high-risk sexual behaviors, polyamourous, or in a relationship with someone who is living with HIV-1.​

The following primary care providers regularly prescribe PrEP and discuss treatment options:

Capitol Clinic 

Stefen McVoy - Family Medicine with Obstetrics

George Leydon - Family Medicine

John Perry​ - Family Medicine

David Vogt - Family Medicine

Deb Williams - Family Medicine with Obstetrics

East Clinic

Amy Kaleka - Family Medicine with Obstetrics

Allison Philipps - Family Medicine​

Ira Segal - Family Medicine

Hatchery Hill Clinic ​

Rachael Ziska​​ - Internal Medicine 

Madison College

Trenell Darby - Family Medicine 

Sauk Trails Clinic

Megan Gendel​ - Family Medicine 



LGBTQ+ Clinical Specialist ​​

All GHC-SCW providers are expected to deliver welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable care.  The following primary care providers have self-identified as having a special clinical interest, experience and additional training specific to LGBTQ+ health care:​

Capitol Clinic

Stefen McVoy - Family Medicine with Obstetrics 

Rene Buenzow - Family Medicine

Alison Craig - Pediatrics

Kyoko Felland - Family Medicine

Kate Ledford - Family Medicine with Obstetrics

George Leydon - Family Medicine

Beth Lucht - Family Medicine
John Perry - Family Medicine
Ashley Przybil​la - Pediatrics
Carolyn Rank - Pediatrics
Elizabeth Schaefer - Family Medicine with Obstetrics 
Holly Schmidt - Family Medicine
Clare Shinners​ - Family Medicine
Sarah Spolum - Family Medicine
Francesca Vash - Pediatrics
David Vogt - Family Medicine
Deb Williams Internal Medicine 

East Clinic​

Amy Kaleka - Family Medicine with Obstetrics 
Allison Philipps - Family Medicine
Ira Segal - Family Medicine
Andrew Lewandowski - Pediatrics

Hatchery Hill Clinic 

Carol Ballweg - Family Medicine

Lavanya Rajagopalan - Family Medicine

Rachael Ziska - Internal Medicine



​Madison College Clinic 

Matt Brown - Family Medicine

Trenell Darby - Family Medicine
Holly Schmidt - Family Medicine

​Sauk Trails Clinic

Ann Stein - Family Medicine

Megan Gendel​​ - Family Medicine​​

Transgender Primary Care​

The following primary care providers offer medical manage​ment specific to transgender care services:

Capitol Clinic 

Stefen McVoy - Family Medicine with Obstetrics 

Alison Craig - Pediatrics 

Kyoko Felland - Family Medicine

George Leydon - Family Medicine

Beth Lucht​​ - Family Medicine

John Perry - Family Medicine

Elizabeth Schaefer​​  - Family Medicine with Obstetrics 

Clare Shinners - Family Medicine

Sarah Spolum - Family Medicine

David Vogt - Family Medicine

Francesca Vash​ - Pediatrics 

Deb Williams - Internal Medicine 

East Clinic​

Amy Kaleka  - Family Medicine with Obstetrics 

Brenda Nishizawa - Internal Medicine
Allison Philipps - Family Medicine
Ira Segal​ - Family Medicine

Hatchery Hill Clinic

Rachael Ziska​​ - Internal Medicine​

Sauk Trails Clinic

Megan Gendel​ - Family Medicine 

Robert Luchsinger  - Family Medicine with Obstetrics 

Ann Stein - Family Medicine

Erin Trost - Family Medicine