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Autism Spectrum Services Program

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Autism Spectrum Services Program
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GHC-SCW is proud to introduce our focused Autism Spectrum Services Program!

The Autism Spectrum program helps school age children who have trouble making and keeping friends, or who experience difficulty managing their emotions.

  • Designed to support individuals on the Autism Spectrum and their caregivers in the comfort of their own homes.
  • Tailored to support individuals using evidence-based techniques
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Program Details

Who: Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ages 6 to 16 and their parents/caregivers

Duration: Weekly appointments for 14 to 16 weeks

Where: In your home

During each session:
  • Children learn a new skill and practice with a trained professional.
  • Parents learn how to support their children’s social or emotional development, coaching them as they practice and generalize their skills.
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To Get Started

To be eligible for Autism Spectrum treatment services, a member must have a medical diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). They can start this process by speaking with their primary care provider. All Autism Spectrum related services require a referral from a Primary Care Provider and insurance prior authorization. If you are a non-GHC in-network provider, please use the online forms below:

ASD Referral for Diagnosis Form

ASD Referral for Treatment Form