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Are Appointments Needed for Urgent Care?

October 11, 2018
Are Appointments Needed for Urgent Care?

Written By: David Kwon, DO

What’s that? Appointments for Urgent Care???? Calling first???

Yes, we understand that at first, the idea of urgent care by appointment may sound like a strange idea to some, especially considering that many healthcare organizations offering urgent care services do not offer appointments and rather patients are seen on a walk-in basis.

Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin offers scheduled urgent care appointments in order to reduce the wait time spent in the waiting area for patients and to improve efficiency in caring for the patients who require urgent care.

In addition, we highly recommend calling prior to arriving at the clinic, as this will likely reduce wait time and ensure that patients are given the most appropriate advice regarding their concerns.

Typically, patients are called from the waiting area at or within a few minutes of their scheduled appointment time. Given that not infrequently, there are unforeseen and urgent circumstances that arise in caring for patients in the setting of an urgent care, there may be delays in the time that patients are actually called from the waiting room as well as possibly some waiting time in the room before the provider can arrive.

Please be assured that our urgent care team constantly strives to provide every patient with excellent, appropriate care in the most efficient manner possible. It is an expectation that our team members keep patients regularly informed of any time delays. We welcome and encourage feedback as to how we are doing with respect to communicating estimated wait time frames as well as patients’ overall experience of care.