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Plan Providers

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Plan Providers
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Welcome Plan Providers & Health Care Professionals

Service excellence is part of our mission at Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin (GHC-SCW). Our Network Providers are essential to providing care to our members close to home.

GHC-SCW is a non-profit cooperative health maintenance organization (HMO) representing over 80,000 cooperative members. As a consumer sponsored health plan, GHC-SCW provides or arranges for the delivery of both primary and specialty health care and health insurance plan coverage to members living or working primarily in Dane County, Wisconsin. In recent years, our network has expanded to include coverage and services in several other surrounding counties.

GHC-SCW began with the vision of its early founding members who h​ad a novel idea that consumers of health care should own and govern the way health care is organized and delivered.

The vision of the founding members has been validated as GHC-SCW continues to be recognized as one of the highest quality HMOs in the country. GHC-SCW has a long running history of being one of the highest-rated commercial Health Insurance plans in the county.

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Transition Of Care

We want to ensure new members have a smooth transition to GHC-SCW. Our Care Management team is available to help and encourages the sharing and review of the Transition of Care document to help anticipate any member concerns.

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