Wellness Program

To continue our focus on your health and wellness, GHC-SCW has introduced a new, member-centric wellness program called ManageWell®. This online platform includes an entire suite of programs, activities and challenges that are fun, engaging and highly customizable to you and your health goals.

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ManageWell® has replaced our previous Wellness Reimbursement program and provides more opportunities to manage your healthy living habits.

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What is ManageWell?

Getting Started with ManageWell

Tracking Your Wellness with ManageWell

Federal Government Members

GHC-SCW members who get their insurance plan through a Federal Government employer are not eligible for the ManageWell program.

ETF Members​

​Starting January 1, 2021, ETF members are no longer eligible for the GHC-SCW ManageWell program.

Taxable Income

The ManageWell program is considered taxable income during the year of payment. Your employer that you get your GHC-SCW insurance through may deduct taxes out of your paycheck for you​ and your significant other's ManageWell program payments.

Payments for Reimbursement

Payments for rewards are sent out on a quarterly basis. Please see the schedule below. All items need to be completed by the end of the quarter to earn points for that quarter.

Payment Schedule

Completed Date

GHC-SCW Sends Checks

First QuarterJanuary 1 through March 31Mid July
Second QuarterApril 1 through June 30
Mid October
Third QuarterJuly 1 through September 30Mid January
Fourth QuarterOctober 1 through December 31Mid April