Wellness Reimbursement

As a non-profit healthcare cooperative, we strongly believe in community-involvement, which is one of our core values. Therefore, we thank our members for participating in healthy choices from food to exercise to community events with our Wellness Reimbursement Program.

Approved Wellness Reimbursement Options

Click here to review our approved list of GHC-SCW wellness reimbursement options and requirements.

Submit for Reimbursement​

There are two ways to submit your Wellness Reimbursement. Please select the method that works best for you.

Submitting a Wellness Reimbursement Through your GHCMyChart Account

1) Login to your GHCMyChart account.

  • Once you are logged in, locate and click the Resources Tab from the top menu of your account.
  • Locate and click the "Wellness Reimbursement link and follow the onscreen directions.


2) Click here to download a copy of our Wellness Reimbursement Form.

  • Fill out the form and make sure to include any required program documentation.
  • Mail your completed form and required documentation to the following address:
GHC-SCW Admin Offices
ATTN: Wellness
P.O. Box 44971 
Madison, WI 53744-4971

Federal Government Members

GHC-SCW members who get their insurance plan through a Federal Government employer are not eligible for the Wellness Reimbursement Program.

ETF Members​

ETF has requested that Retirees, continuants (Cobra) and their spouses who earn reimbursements have 7.65% withheld from their “check,” starting with 2018 Q4 payments (which are processed at the end of January 2019).​

Taxable Income

The Wellness Reimbursement Program is considered taxable income during the year of payment. Your employer that you get your GHC-SCW insurance through may deduct taxes out of your paycheck for you​ and your insured family members’ Wellness Reimbursement Program payments.

Payments for Reimbursement

Payments for reimbursement are sent out on a quarterly basis. Please see the schedule below. For the end of the year, items need to be completed by December 31st, and the application must be submitted and received by the GHC Wellness Department no later than January 15th. For questions, please email wellness@ghcscw.com.

Payment Schedule

Completed Date

GHC-SCW Sends Checks

First QuarterJanuary 1 through March 31The end of April
Second QuarterApril 1 through June 30The end of July
Third QuarterJuly 1 through September 30The end of October
Fourth QuarterOctober 1 through December 31The end of January