GHC-SCW Provides Preventive Care For You

At GHC-SCW we believe in providing the best possible benefits and services to our members. The recent regulatory rulings on Health Care Reform and The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2009 (PPACA) are designed to help American’s gain access to affordable preventive health care. Too many of us don’t get the preventive health care we need to stay healthy.  Preventive services are utilized at about half the recommended rate. When your family chooses to enroll in a new GHC-SCW health plan or renew an existing one, your plan may have covered all of the federally recommended preventive services without charging you a co-pay, co-insurance or deductible. Click HERE to access a PDF guide to all the Preventative Health Services at GHC-SCW. 

What This Means for You

GHC-SCW is proud to say we have provided most of the key benefits and services outlined in the Health Care Reform Act to our members since we first established our staff model HMO plan. Depending on your age, GHC-SCW health plan type and frequency of care, you may have no cost-sharing and easier access to such services as:

  • Blood pressure, diabetes and elevated cholesterol screening, as age appropriate
  • Cancer screenings
  • Health education on quitting smoking, losing weight, eating better, treating depression and reducing alcohol use
  • Routine preventive vaccines for common childhood diseases
  • Adult preventive vaccines, as age appropriate
  • Counseling for healthy pregnancies
  • Regular well baby and well child visits from birth to age 21

Highlights of Preventive Care Services   

Well Baby and Well Child

  • Physical exam and measurements
  • Health development screenings
  • Oral health assessments
  • Developmental assessments
  • Screenings and lab tests for lead, tuberculosis (TB) and low red blood cell count


  • Screenings for obesity and weight loss counseling
  • Diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure screenings
  • Screenings for depression
  • Vision and hearing screening
  • Tobacco cessation counseling and alcohol screening


​(Accurate as of 8/8/2022) GHC-SCW is not currently offering Monkeypox vaccines. ​

Common Adult Vaccines

  • Including, but not limited to: Herpes Zoster, Tetanus, and Pneumococcal

  • Starting at age 18

Common Childhood Vaccines

  • Including, but not limited to: Polio, Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Chicken Pox
  • Starting at 2 months of age

Covid-19 Vaccines

  • Visit our COVID-19 Vaccine Page here for more information on eligibility

Flu Vaccines

  • Age 6 months or older

  • Offered each fall during flu clinics to help you stay healthy and protect you from the flu virus

Hepatitis B

  • All adults age 19 through 59 years

  • All adults age 60 or older with risk factors for HBV infection

HPV Vaccines

  • Age 9 years through 26 years

NEW VACCINE: Prevnar 20 (PCV 20)

  • Offered to age 65 years or older OR
  • Age 19 through 64 years at high risk of pneumonia OR
  • Immunocompromising conditions


  • Age 50 years or older

  • Age 19 years old older who are immunosuppressed due to disease or therapy

Promoting Healthy Pregnancy

  • Access to services needed for a healthy pregnancy
  • Screenings for hepatitis B, Rh incompatibility and urinary tract infection
  • Special counseling on smoking and alcohol use
  • Counseling to support breast feeding

Chronic Disease Detection and Prevention

  • Annual mammograms for women over 50
  • Screening for colon cancer for adults over 50
  • Pap smears to screen for cervical cancer
  • Counseling on using aspirin to prevent strokes