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Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Legal Sex of X: Providing Education and Support

June 14, 2024
A man holding up a piece of paper with gender options on it with sex of X selected.

Supporting everyone is important for creating a respectful and inclusive community. By learning more about the legal sex of X, we can help make our community more accepting and supportive. We’re sharing information about the legal sex of X, its importance and how we can all be better allies.


What is the Legal Sex of X?

People with a legal sex of X are people who changed their sex to it. They may or may not be people who have a gender identity or physical features that don’t match male or female. Legal sex of x should not be treated the same as transgender.


The Importance of Recognition and Respect

Recognizing and respecting people who have the legal designation of sex of X is very important for their mental health and well-being. When people feel seen and accepted for who they are, they feel like they belong. This reduces the chance of mental health problems like anxiety and depression. Respecting all individuals means acknowledging their identities, using the right pronouns and creating safe and valued spaces for them.


Common Misconceptions

There are wrong ideas about the legal sex of X that can lead to misunderstanding and prejudice. Educating ourselves and others about the truth helps break down harmful myths and promotes a more inclusive view.


Legal and Medical Considerations

Legal protections and rights for people with the legal sex of X vary widely by region and country. It’s important to know about and support policies that protect these people from discrimination. In health care, providers must give caring and knowledgeable treatment. Providers should make sure people with the legal sex of X get the support they need without facing bias or ignorance. Resources like advocacy organizations and legal aid services can be very helpful.


GHC-SCW Recognizing Legal Sex of X

In April 2023, GHC-SCW added the legal sex of X option on members’ medical records. Members can now report their legal sex as male, female or X. Legal sex is what is printed on government-issued documents. This is different from gender identity, which is how someone feels inside.

A member with a legal document showing the sex of X can update their legal sex in their GHC-SCW record by filling out the Legal Sex Designation Change form.


How to Be an Ally

Being an ally means taking steps to support and uplift people with the legal sex of X. Here are some simple tips:

  • Educate yourself and others about the legal sex of X.
  • Use inclusive language and the right pronouns.
  • Challenge discriminatory remarks and actions.
  • Support policies and initiatives that promote equality and inclusion.
  • Create welcoming environments in your workplace, school or community.


Resources and Further Reading

To keep learning and advocating for the legal sex of X, here are some helpful local organizations and resources:

Understanding and celebrating the legal sex of X is a key step toward a more inclusive society. By recognizing and respecting the diversity of human identities, we can make sure everyone feels valued and supported.

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