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​At Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin, we value your business.

As the area's only non-profit, member-owned, health care cooperative, we work hard to build a relationship with you and your staff so we can continue to provide qualityaffordable health coverage, competitive pricing, personalized service and more covered benefits year after year. It's the reason our groups stay with us 2.5 times longer than the industry average. 


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Expanded Network

Introducing the most flexible network design in southern Wisconsin health care history. Explore our expanded GHC HMO Network of over 300 Primary Care Providers and 38 clinics.

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Best-in-Class Primary Care

With GHC, you get access to all our primary care providers and an advanced care team approach that guarantees you can be seen today at GHC clinics. Your team could include pharmacists, behavioral health providers and physical therapists.


The GHC Experience Guarantee

If you have an experience at a GHC clinic that fails to meet your expectations in any way, tell us about it, and at your request, we'll give you a FREE refund. No questions asked. Choose the only health plan with a money back guarantee.


​GHC is a National Leader in Employer Group Retention. Here's Why:


For decades GHC has partnered with UW Health, UW Hospital and other leading community hospitals.


Group leaders and brokers have a go-to person at GHC, always ready to answer questions and ensure satisfaction.


Our staff-model, and GHC clinics are one-stop shop for primary care, lab, radiology and pharmacy.


GHC is committed to quality improvement and has been among the highest rated plans in the country for over ten years.


GHC provides the best renewal rates the first time, every time. We believe in cooperative relationships and we value an equal and honest partnership.

Member Owner Rewards

As a Member-Owner of South-Central Wisconsin’s only not-for-profit cooperative health plan, your staff get access to world-class primary care and an elite network of specialty and hospital care.

GHC-SCW's unique Member-Owner Rewards (MOR) Program opens up a bunch of other doors for you and your staff.

Think of MOR as a way for you to customize your path to health and well-being in ways that other health plans simply can’t match.

This includes...

  • Classes, Services and One-On-One Therapeutic Sessions
  • GHC MyChart and the Mobile GHC MyChart App
  • ManageWell Rewards
  • Quick-Access Virtual Care Options
  • Eye Care Discounts
  • Our Exclusive Experience Guarantee

Learn more here.

If you decide you are ready to choose GHC, we make it as easy as possible.

At GHC-SCW we have a variety of unique plans that are catered to you and your staffs needs!


​Virtual First Plans - New for 2023!

$0 for virtual visits!

Get quality care at your convenience. Members pay $0 for virtual visits with their GHC-SCW provider.


Learn more about our virtual care options here.


Primary Care Preferred Plans


Turn your copay into a nopay!

Preventative and routine primary care are key to keeping you and your family healthy, so we make it easy your wallet to get care. Finally, nothing is something!

There is no copay when you visit your primary care clinic, and no copay for the following services:

• Primary Care Office Visits

• Chiropractic Care

• Chiropractic Care

• Behavioral Health


Do you have a question or need assistance? Contact your agent or GHC Sales!

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