​Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine is the newest specialty area available through GHC-SCW. Our GHC-SCW Sports Medicine program is an excellent opportunity to provide the quality of care and convenience our members rely on. 

The Sports Medicine Clinic provides services to benefit athletes as well as many other individuals. Sports medicine should be considered non-operative musculoskeletal medicine.  

For Athletes and Non-Athletes

Although the name implies athletes, our providers see a wide range of individuals with a variety of conditions. The services of our Sports Medicine Program apply to individuals who participate in teams sports, individual sports (like marathon runners) as well as those in the performing arts such as dancers, musicians (like violinists with wrist tendonitis), weekend warriors, non-athletes with musculoskeletal pain, individuals with chronic tendinitis from housework or gardening, and non-athletes who struggle with arthritis. 

GHC-SCW Sports Medicine Clinic

The GHC-SCW Sports Medicine Clinic is located in the GHC-SCW  Hatchery Hill Clinic. Members may schedule an appointment in the Sports Medicine Clinic by first seeing their Primary Care Provider (PCP), Physical Therapist (PT), or Occupational Therapist (OT) for evaluation. The PCP, PT or OT will place an order for Sports Medicine, as appropriate.  Additionally, the GHCNurseConnect N​urses can also help patients determine what level of care is most appropriate, as well as the Physical/Occupational Therapy within Urgent Care.


Hatchery Hill C​linic

3051 Cahill Main

Fitchburg, WI 53711

(608) 661-7200