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GHCMyChart Video Visit Do's & Don'ts

September 12, 2022
GHCMyChart Video Visit Do's & Don'ts

Back-to-school time can be a bit crazy for some, especially with homework, pick-ups, and sports. In between all of this, it can be hard to make time to see your GHC-SCW provider. GHC-SCW makes it easier with virtual care options so you can see your provider right from the comfort of your home and busy schedule with GHCMyChart Video Visits! 

We sat down with Julie Vander Werff, PA-C, and Nancy Alt, Telehealth Program Manager, to understand more about the dos and don’ts of Video Visits.

To prepare for a video visit, what should I be aware of as a patient?

  • There will be pre-visit questions for you to answer before your video visit, so log on early. These questions will include confirming general symptoms, current height/weight, and any allergies your provider should be aware of.
  • You must also complete your pre-visit Steps before starting your video visit. If the pre-visit steps aren’t complete, you will not see the “Join Visit” button to start your appointment. These pre-visit steps include allowing the use of your camera/audio and doing a hardware check to ensure you have the right software. If everything is functioning correctly, you will see “Hardware Test: Successful.” If you experience any difficulties, call: (608) 828-4853 or (800) 605-4327 and choose option 2.  

Is there something I should not do to prepare for my visit?

  • Do not disable your camera or microphone.
  • Do not block pop-ups for MyChart.
  • Do not be late for your appointment. Patients that check in more than 10 minutes after their scheduled Video Visit appointment may be asked to reschedule.

What are the best practices for a video visit as a patient?

  • Review medications beforehand.
  • Make sure your equipment is working, and you feel comfortable with the equipment.
  • Please be mindful that the provider may be running late for your video visit as they are finishing up with the patient before you and coordinating both video and in-person appointments.
  • You should be seated in a comfortable, quiet location.
  • Do not drive during the visit.
  • If this is your first time doing a video visit, log in at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to run a self-test on the device you will be using for your visit.

What shouldn’t I do on my video visit with my provider? 

  • Do not disconnect until the visit is complete.
  • Do not answer a text message or phone call during your video visit – it will disrupt your visit.
  • Shut off unnecessary electronics such as a TV or Radio.

Do you have other tips or advice for patients using MyChart Video Visits?

  • Video visits are acceptable visits for many conditions. Providers get most of the information needed for a diagnosis based on the history that you tell us. Home visits also provide good information regarding living conditions.

Please visit here for more information on GHCMyChart Video Visits and other virtual care options.