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GHCMyChartSM offers Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisocnsin (GHC-SCW) members personalized, secure, online access to portions of their medical and health records. With a computer and an internet connection, users connect to a personal account which contains information specific to each person. The information provided through GHCMyChartSM comes directly from the GHC-SCW medical records and insurance records systems. 

Frequently asked questions

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  • How do I obtain additional information?
    • To obtain additional information about GHCMyChartSM, please contact our Member Services department at (608) 828-4853, Mon. - Fri., 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. 

  • Can I pay my bill online?
    • Yes! GHC-SCW is proud to offer you a safe, secure and simple way to pay your bill online through your GHCMyChartSM account. Simply login to GHCMyChartSM and select Billing & Insurance from the left hand menu.

  • Does the network I select for Primary Care affect my access to GHCMyChart?
    • Yes, the network you select for Primary Care may affect the number of services you can access through GHCMyChart. Members who select the GHC-SCW clinic network will receive the full suite of services. Members who select other clinic networks may vary depending on the availability of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) at the clinic. For example, online appointment scheduling is currently only available to members scheduling appointments at a GHC-SCW Primary Care Clinic. ​​​

  • What is GHCMyChart?
    • GHCMyChartSM offers you personalized, secure, online access to portions of your GHC-SCW medical and health records. Using a computer and an internet connection you can connect to a personal account, which contains information specific to you. The information provided through GHCMyChartSM comes directly from the GHC-SCW medical records and insurance records systems.

  • What are the benefits of using GHCMyChart?
      • Get easy-to-find, easy-to-understand medical information
      • Use the online Pharmacy to refill medications for you and your family
      • Schedule appointments online
      • Communicate with GHC-SCW Clinic staff using secure electronic messaging
      • View selected test results
      • View and print immunization records
      • View your Health Summary, including After Visit Summaries, medication, allergies and immunizations
      • Keep a private journal of health concerns
      • Request an extension for Referral to Specialty Care
  • Who is eligible to access GHCMyChart?
    • If you are a GHC-SCW member and are 18 years of age or older, you are eligible to access a GHCMyChartSM account free of charge. You may also gain access as a non-GHC-SCW member in certain cases such as you have children that are members and you need  access to their chart.

  • How do I request an account?
    • If you are covered by a GHC-SCW insurance plan and you are age 18 or older, we invite you to register for an account. Information will vary if you selected to receive your Primary Care at a non-GHC-SCW clinic.

      You will first need an activation code. To request an activation code, fill out the Activation Code Request Form, and submit it. For more information visit Registration Information.

  • Is my access code my user ID?
    • No, your access code is not your GHCMyChartSM ID or password. You will use this code only once to log into GHCMyChartSM for the first time. The code will expire after you have used it or after 30 days.

      When you log into GHCMyChartSM the first time, you will then be asked to create your own unique GHCMyChartSM ID and password. Your six digit member number is your username.

  • How do I access my children's information? What is GHCFamilyChart®?
    • GHCFamilyChart® is a tool that parents,  guardians or caregiving individuals may use to access another member’s health information.

      Once you have activated a GHCMyChartSM account, you will have the option to activate GHCFamilyChart® online. An individual must have parental rights, legal guardianship or the appropriate authority to make this request.

  • Can I contact my Provider directly?
    • Yes, you may send a message to your GHC-SCW Primary Care Provider (PCP) directly through your GHCMyChartSM account. Your PCP will receive your message and respond within three business days.

      Once you log in to GHCMyChartSM, you may send a message by selecting Message Center from the menu bar on the left side of the page.

  • Is GHCMyChart optional?
    • Yes, participation in GHCMyChartSM is optional. Accounts are only activated upon the member's consent and request.

  • How is information secured and protected?
    • GHC-SCW is committed to protecting the confidentiality of medical information. Firewalls, passwords, encryption and audit trails are used to safeguard member information. The GHCMyChartSM site is a registered site through Verisign®, a standard in securing information on the Internet.
      See VeriSign security information on the GHCMyChartSM home page or visit to learn more about VeriSign security.

  • What are the minimum technology requirements?
    • The minimum requirements to access GHCMyChartSM are:
      Operating system equivalent to Windows 98 or higher
      Internet connection
      Internet service provider (ISP)
      Personal Email Address

      These browsers are tested and used for development with GHCMyChartSM:
      Internet Explorer® 6.0
      Mozilla Firefox® 2.0
      Netscape Navigator® 7

      Other browsers may be used to view GHCMyChartSM, but are not tested and may produce abnormalities in GHCMyChartSM.

  • What are the legal conditions for use?
  • How do I change my demographic information?
    • You may update your address, email and phone number from within your GHCMyChartSM account. When you log on to GHCMyChartSM, go to Administration on the bottom left of the menu, to make updates to your information.

  • How do I reset my password?
    • When you signed up for GHCMyChartSM you were asked to set up a security question and answer. This feature of GHCMyChartSM allows you to reset your password at any time. You may change your security question and answer from within GHCMyChartSM. From your home page, select Administrative Info from the column at left to change your security question and answer.

MyChart® is a registered trademark of Epic Systems Corporation. GHCMyChartSM is a service mark of Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin.