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“If only that person I work with didn’t do that thing they do, I would enjoy my job more.” “If only that person I  love didn’t do that thing they do, I would be happier in my relationship.” Have you ever caught yourself thinking some version of these statements? What IS the secret to enjoying your job and your life more fully?

GHC-SCW Stress Management Practitioner Wendy Warren Grapentine will join us to explore how the real control we have in creating work and personal life we love is how we CHOOSE to feel.

  • You will learn simple approaches to generating and supporting a positive mindset.
  • We will discuss the importance of honing your vibration from the moment you wake up so that you’re better prepared to weather the energetic and emotional “hits” that come with interacting with other people.
  • We will finish our time together with a guided chakra meditation to help you connect your mind and body and experience that vibration we’re wanting to generate.

Please wear comfortable clothes to class.