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​Flu Vaccination

Flu Clinics

GHC-SCW schedules many Flu Clinics throughout the fall to help members stay healthy and be well.  GHC-SCW Flu Clinics begin in September to help protect you from the virus throughout the season.  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends everyone over six months of age receive a seasonal flu vaccination before December to ensure that protective antibodies are in place.  The flu vaccine is designed to be effective for the entire season.  Visit the CDC website to learn more about who should be vaccinated.  

Getting Your Flu Shot

To receive your flu shot at a GHC-SCW owned clinic (Capitol, East, DeForest, Hatchery Hill or Sauk Trails), please schedule a Flu Clinic appointment through GHCMyChart or call (608) 257-9700.  If you are a member and see a Primary Care Provider at a different clinic, we encourage you to obtain a flu shot at that clinic. 

Flu Mist

Flu Mist nasal spray vaccine is available in limited supply, and will not be given at GHC-SCW Flu Clinics.  If you prefer this method of vaccination, please contact your Primary Care Provider to schedule an appointment.

First Flu Vaccination

Children six months to eight years of age who are receiving their first-ever flu vaccine - children never previously vaccinated for the flu - will need a second shot four weeks after the first inoculation in order to receive full protection from the flu.  Schedule your children early in the season in order to receive both flu vaccinations prior to the start of the flu season.

GHC-SCW Flu Clinic Schedule

GHC-SCW Flu Clinics have concluded for the winter 2013-2014 flu season. Please contact your Primary Care Provider regarding a flu vaccination.

Visit this page for information on future Flu Clinics to be scheduled fall 2014.