Back At It

Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin (GHC-SCW) has partnered with Kiio to offer you Back at It, a voluntary back pain management app.

What is Back At It?

Kiio, a Madison-based healthcare technology company, specializes in evidence-based solutions that help involve people in their healthcare. The back pain management app guides individuals through a series of fully animated exercises designed for their particular type of low back pain. These exercises, designed by physical therapists, allow you to work at your own pace with easy-to-follow instructions. This is a 24/7, easy to use solution proven to improve health and empower individuals, while reducing use of opioids and aggressive medical treatments.

Program Details 

GHC-SCW has got your back and wants you to feel your best! That’s why they will be covering the cost of this voluntary program. This is an exclusive opportunity for GHC-SCW *policy holders who are employed by American Family Insurance. Your dependents are not eligible.
Beginning March 1 through August 31, 2019, if you are *insured by GHC-SCW and experiencing low back pain, you can complete the online screening at your convenience. The screening will recommend an optimal care path based on your individual risk profile. If you’re recommended to use the app, you will be guided through a series of evidence-based progressive exercises specific to your type of low back pain. If you’re not recommended to use the app, a member of the GHC-SCW team will contact you within a few days with more information.

If you have questions or need support, please call 608-662-4903 to speak to the GHC-SCW Wellness Department.
*American Family employees must be insured through American Family with GHC-SCW insurance as the policy holder on the health plan.