Member Advisory Council


To bring the voice of our members to decision makers at GHC-SCW, a group of 15 members lend their voices to the Member Advisory Council. Their mission is to improve communications between GHC-SCW and our 75,000 members. The Council works with organizational leaders and staff to evaluate policies, program and practices.

Requirements To Join The Member Advisory Council 

Individuals applying for the Council must pass a background check. Council members may not be GHC–SCW employees and must be age 18 or older. A participant must be an active member who has received care or had some sort of interaction with GHC–SCW clinic or administration staff in the past year. A Council Member may not be involved (or previously involved) in any legal action against GHC–SCW.

Join The Member Advisory Council

Help us improve communication between decision makers and members by working directly with staff to evaluate policies, programs and practices.

Responsibilities and Expectations of Council Members

  • Commit to improving care for all members
  • Reach out and listen to other members
  • Respect the collaborative process and the Council as the forum to discuss issues
  • Be willing to listen to differing views
  • Encourage fellow Council members to share ideas and viewpoints
  • Protect privacy and confidentiality

Time Commitment

Council members serve two-year terms. The Council meets every month except July and December. The meetings are the second Monday of the month from 5:30 p.m. – 7 p.m. at the Hatchery Hill Clinic in the Health Education Room. Council members can serve two consecutive terms.


If you have questions on how to join The Member Advisory Council, please email marketing@ghcscw.com.​